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Arthritis in the fingers
Nuneaton arthritis sufferers are visiting Atlas Pain Relief Centre for treatment of painful arthritic symptoms.  Arthritis pain in joints can cause much discomfort and Atlas has various treatment options such as acupuncture, electrotherapy, physiotherapy and osteopathy as well as the pain relieving gel Biofreeze.

Elderly Nuneaton patients are now visiting the pain relief clinic in Atherstone near Nuneaton for treatment of long term chronic pain.

Atherstone now has an alternative to Nuneaton Chiropractic treatment and Nuneaton Osteopathic treatment for pain relief.

No need for a GP referral if you are self funding!
Arthritis has many forms but common is osteo-arthritis which in common terms is referred to as "wear and tear"

Osteoarthritis is degeneration of articular cartilage found on the ends of bones within a joint.  Where 2 bones meet there is a protective layer of cartilage that protects the bones.  In arthritis the cartilage thins, blisters and cracks leaving  the bone exposed.  This can be very painful in weight bearing joints such as the knees.

Other form of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis which are forms of inflammatory arthritic disease.
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