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Elbow Pain
Tennis elbow pain
Elbow pain is often described as tennis elbow or golfers elbow by Atherstone and Nuneaton patients.  The correct name is lateral epicondylitis or medial epicondylitis which describes elbow pain on the inside or outside of the elbow.

The elbow pain can be very sharp and stabbing in nature when gripping something with your hand and can even make you drop things. Lifting and gripping are the 2 most aggravating factors and often the pain can linger for many months.

Injections into the elbow from your GP into the area can often be successful but are sometimes painful and fail to relieve the pain.

An epicondyle strap worn below the elbow joint can relieve the stress on the attachment of the muscles in the forearm and reduce the inflammation but you should also ice the area and have deep tissue massage to the forearm muscles to help restore flexibility and fibrosis.
Treatments for elbow pain vary and acupuncture has proved successful for many.  Physiotherapy and osteopathy techniques are also widely used to bring pain relief and restore normal function again but more recently Shockwave treatment for Tennis Elbow has been found to be very successful.

We offer shockwave treatment, please ask reception for details
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