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Foot Orthotics
Prescription foot orthotics are designed to correct overpronation problems.  Many runners have issues with poor biomechanics and overpronation which may lead to injury.

Shinsplints, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and back pain can be a result of overpronating ankles and fallen arches.  Flat feet is the common term used and this condition can often benefit from correction via orthotics.

Atlas have a Sports Podiatrist at their Tamworth Sports Injury Clinic who does biomechanical evaluations, laser foot scanning and video gait analysis before fitting the orthotics to ensure the orthosis fits correctly and is bespoke for you

Children are fitted with temporary orthotics as their feet grow rapidly and the prescription will change as their foot size increases.  Many children benefit from orthotics which can prevent problems in later life. Childrens orthotics can reduce the risk of knee problems as they develop.
Biomechanical evaluation
Childs overpronated ankles
Laser foot scan
Atlas prescription semi rigid orthotics
Adults overpronated ankles
Atlas offer orthotics to Nuneaton and Atherstone runners and have 2 options available.  Option 1 is the semi rigid prescription orthotic shown above and Option 2 is a budget off the shelf orthotic which is less expensive.

Both offer correction but you do get what you pay for.  We feel our Option 1 orthotics worn by elite UK athletics athlete Meghan Beesley are the best on the market and offer excellent value for money.
Explaining video gait analysis to Meghan Beesley