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Headaches, tension headaches and cluster headaches are all distracting and can cause disruption to daily living. Often felt above the eyes, back of the head, in the temples or simply all over, headaches can be a nightmare for some people.

Constant or intermittent headaches can give you a clue to diagnosis, as can the location and nature of the headache.

High blood pressure, brain tumors, intercranial hypertension,
dehydration, alcohol and drug abuse can give you headaches as well as stress and anxiety.

Often headaches will resolve without intervention and can be eased with off the shelf medication such as paracetamol, however if you have unremitting headaches that wake you from sleep then a visit to your GP for a check up is advised.
Spinal manipulation can be effective if there is a restriction in the neck such as facet locking but this must only be done by suitably trained practitioners and I would recommend a VBI test before a manipulation was performed.

Neck manipulation can result in a stroke if blood vessels are compromised and therefore neck manipulation should only be done where indicated following a VBI test. Atherstone Osteopaths Satveer Kang and Stephanie Lawton are experienced at safe neck manipulations and are available at the North Warwickshire clinic in Atherstone.
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