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Heel/Foot Pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Ankle sprain
Heel pain sufferers in Nuneaton or Atherstone may have a condition called Plantar Fasciitis.  This will generally give painful stabbing pain into the heel first thing in the morning when rising from bed and putting weight on the affected foot.

Once you have limped around for a while it tends to ease up and may be described as an ache, however if you sit and rest for a while then the pain will return once you stand up again.

The heel pain is very specific and located underneath the heel. Treatment at Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Atherstone Warwickshire will involve locating the cause of the problem, eliminating the cause and treating the symptoms.
Foot pain and ankle pain can have a variety of causes, however ankle ligament sprains are very common and very painful.

The most common is the ankle inversion sprain which results if you go over on your ankle.  Usually walking or running on uneven ground, potholes or stepping on the edge of a pavement. Swelling or bruising may result and it is very painful causing you to limp.

Treatment involves reducing the swelling or bruising and assisting speedy repair of the soft tissues before a regime of strengthening the associated muscles and restoring proprioception.

In Children, heel pain may be Severs Disease which is often caused from over exercising during growth spurts.
This condition can be treated and managed easily. Fallen arches,dropped arches and flat feet can all be experienced in young children and may need attention to prevent development problems later in life.

Achilles tendonitis is another painful condition which gets worse if not treated.  Often rest does not help because when you return to exercise after rest, the pain returns.

Poor biomechanics
can result in many injuries and Atlas can fit prescription foot orthotics where necessary which can have amazing results.
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