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Knee Pain
Knee pain in Atherstone or knee pain in Nuneaton?  Atlas can help diagnose your knee pain and get things done to reduce pain and resolve your problem.  Diagnosis is the key and you need to identify the cause of knee pain before treatment can commence.

Runners knee, tendonitis, cartilage tears, ligament sprains, cruciate ligament rupture, IT Band inflammation, bursitis, osgoode schlatters, chondro-malacia patella and tendonitis are the common knee injuries.  Arthritis and poor biomechanics can affect the tracking of your kneecap and cause knee clicking and pain.

Often pain is worse when climbing or coming down stairs
or the knee can even give way on you.

Many runners and footballers suffer with knee pain and the Atlas sports injury team have years of experience examining, testing, diagnosing and treating knee injuries.  MRI scans can be arranged if required.
Arthritis and Arthritic knees may eventually lead to knee replacements which will need physiotherapy to assist recovery from surgery and rehabilitation. Arthroscopy and knee surgery is keyhole surgery and is very common now with great results.

Most knee pain problems can be resolved and an accurate diagnosis of the cause of knee pain needs to be made before treatment can commence.  Just knee exercises alone without a diagnosis and bespoke individual treatment plan will not work!
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