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Meet the staff
John Williams - Clinic Director

John is a registered Osteopath with the GOsC and also a state registered Physiotherapist with the HCPC.
The founder of Atlas Pain Relief Centre in 2000 John now looks after 3 clinics and is supported by excellent staff.

His ability to quickly diagnose and treat sports injuries has led to a loyal support from celebrities, sports men and women including elite athletes such as Nathan Woodward and Meghan Beesley. England Goalkeeping legend Peter Shilton is a regular visitor to the Atherstone Clinic. John was supporting the "Take That Tour" treating the dancers and Garry Barlow, Howard and Mark and looks after professional boxers Frankie Gavin and Tommy Langford

Amy Winehouse and Fern Cotton have also been treated by John
John has pioneered a new treatment for sacroiliac joint pain which has an amazing success rate in less than 6 sessions.

Back pain and trapped nerve symptoms such as sciatica are a special interest to John and his hands on approach has to date been very successful.
As a keen sportsman John has previously run marathons, taught karate and played football and has provided sports massage and injury cover for the EUFA referees.

Previous work includes looking after the Golf Pro's at the Belfry, first team physio to Tamworth FC, Physiotherapist for the fashion theatre team at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and therapist at Hoar Cross Hall Spa.

John has lectured on Sports Therapy at North Birmingham College, South Birmingham College, Solihull College and The College of Food in Birmingham as well as being a trainer for Premier Training and Development where he taught personal training, exercise prescription and sports therapy.
Cherry Richards - Acupuncturist and physical therapist
Suzie Flohr - Sports Therapist and physical therapist
Cherry Richards is a registered acupuncture practitioner and physical therapist.  Training under John Williams for 6 years Cherry has developed expertise in low back pain and specialises in shoulder pain using NAT techniques.

Cherry is our Shockwave Practitioner who treats plantar fasciitiis, tennis elbow and achilles tendon injuries with amazing results.
Suzie Flohr is a sports therapist graduating at Worcester University. Suzie has been working daily with John Williams for 6 months to develop skills in treating back pain and sacroiliac joint pain

Working with dancers at the clothes show in Birmingham and the Irish dancing championships Suzie has expertise in sports injuries and sports therapy.
John was invited by Nuneaton Gp's to lecture on 2 occasions at CPD training events on the subjects of Sports Injuries and Back Pain at George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton
We have 1 registered osteopath working at Atherstone, Stephanie Lawton as well as another
Sports Therapist Georgina James-Staff