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Muscular Pain
Muscle spasm
Muscular pain from muscle spasm in the low back is very painful and stops you from moving correctly.  Often pulling you out of alignment your spine appears deformed to observers.

The cause of muscle spasm is varied however in reality it is usually a guarding action initiated by the body to protect you from further injury.

Acute back pain can be treated by Atherstone osteopaths and Atherstone Physiotherapists who offer an alternative to Atherstone and Nuneaton Chiropractors.
Gardening back pain during the spring and summer months can give lots of problems and result in time lost off work.

If you live near Nuneaton or Atherstone you can visit Atlas Pain Relief Centre for their expertise in treating back pain and backache.  As an alternative to Nuneaton Chiropractors, the Atlas team offer osteopathy, physiotherapy and acupuncture as well as a good massage.

Wear and tear describes osteoarthritis, which can be found in the spine. This sometimes can lead to muscle spasms if the facet joints get stuck during exercise.  The muscles spasm and lock up the spine in a protective manner.  This ensures you stop what you are doing and seek help.
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