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Neck Pain
Atherstone neck pain treatments can be effective in restoring range of movement and relieving neck pain.  Stiff neck and cricked neck can be caused by sleep positions, sitting in a draught or just getting a facet lock in the cervical spine when turning your head. 

Nuneaton neck pain sufferers should visit the Atlas Pain Relief Centre because neck pain can often be resolved quickly.

Whiplash symptoms from a rear end shunt when driving your car can often result in severe neck pain.  Atlas are experienced at treating this condition and are registered with most private health Insurance companies.
Neck collars can be useful in severe degenerative conditions or post surgery.  Collars help support your head and take the load off support muscles.  Too much use of neck collars can result in weakening of neck muscles so a mix of use and removal should be considered. Neck exercises can be used to restore strength and mobility.
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