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Low back pain
Low back pain and backache are suffered by most of us in our lifetime.  Poor posture and sitting a lot at work all contribute to back pain. 

Muscle spasm can result and you may experience a spinal deformity where you are pulled over to one side by the muscle spasm in your back.

There are other serious causes of back pain such as pathology however most back pain although painful can be treated successfully given the correct diagnosis and treatment.

MRI scans can be arranged within 24 hours if required
Pregnancy back pain is often caused by the transfer of weight in late pregnancy and the relaxing of spinal ligaments which alter the posture and put strain on the low back.

As the weight develops at the front the pregnant mother tends to lean backwards to compensate putting strain on the lumbar spine. This can be treated safely with osteopathy techniques or acupuncture which will ease the back pain and make pregnancy more comfortable.

Following childbirth, care needs to taken not to lift heavy children into the back of cars while still in their car seat.  Balancing the child on your hip while you are standing can put extra stress on your spine and result in posture changes too.
Pregnancy back pain
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If you have suffered back pain in the past can you remember, who did you turn to for help?.  The GP is generally the first choice however they have little training in back pain and you end up with medication for pain relief and in some cases are put on a long waiting list for physiotherapy.

These days we have the power of the internet and the mighty Google can help.
If you type in a search term such as back pain or Nuneaton Chiropractor then you will obviously find a list of chiropractors and other professionals dealing with back pain.  As Chiropractor is a term associated with back pain many people use this search term.

There are alternatives to Chiropractors in Nuneaton and these are osteopaths, physiotherapists and acupuncture practitioners.  At Atlas we offer alternatives to Nuneaton Chiropractor treatment to help resolve your back pain.

Osteopaths manipulate the spine just like Chiropractors do and have the same 5 year training period. The approach is different thats all!