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Atherstone Osteopath will treat painful conditions and provide pain relief treatments for knee pain, shoulder pain, backache, back pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, headaches, bulging discs. We specialise in sacroiliitis  which is pelvic pain in the sacroiliac joints often involving inflammation.
Telephone  -  01827 707921
Spinal adjustments from Atherstone osteopath
We have access to fast private MRI Scans and Musculo Skeletal Consultants should you require them and we are providers for all major private health insurance companies. If you are a self funding patient you will not need a GP referral.
Builders back pain
Atherstone Osteopath John Williams treats Nuneaton and Atherstone patients and provides osteopathy for local people.

Back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, pulled muscles and trapped nerves can all be treated with osteopathy as well as knee pain, shoulder pain and heel pain like plantar fasciitis.

Atlas Osteopaths offer an alternative to Nuneaton Chiropractors for back pain treatment and have a fast recovery reputation.  Most acute patients are pain free in less than 6 visits.

Some Nuneaton back pain sufferers are visiting Atlas Osteopaths as an alternative to Nuneaton Chiropractor treatment.
Explaining back pain
Atherstone Osteopath
Back Pain                    Trapped Nerves
Neck Pain                      Shoulder Pain

Sciatica                          Knee Pain

Headaches                   Elbow Pain

Arthritis                          Heel/Foot Pain

Whiplash Symptoms      Muscular Pain