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Physiotherapists at Atlas will treat painful conditions and provide pain relief for backache, back pain, sciatica, trapped nerves, headaches, bulging discs. We specialise in sacroiliitis which is pelvic pain in the sacroiliac joints often involving inflammation.
We have an excellent Sports Injury Clinic in Atherstone frequented by local runners from Atherstone, Tamworth and Nuneaton Harriers. Atlas have regular visits from elite athletes and celebrity sports professionals.

Sports Massage is available to help runners cope with long training runs and recover after hard races.

Atherstone Hockey Club, Atherstone Rugby Club and Atherstone Football Club all use Atlas Physiotherapy services

Telephone  -  01827 707921
Elite athletes Meghan Beesley and Nathan Woodward with Atlas Clinic Director John Williams
We have access to fast private MRI Scans and Musculo Skeletal Consultants should you require them and we are providers for most private health insurance companies. If you are a self funding patient you will not need a GP referral.

from "hands on" Physiotherapists is available if you are waiting on a NHS waiting list or have been involved in a road traffic accident. Appointments can be arranged within 24 hours but often on the same day. Whiplash symptoms can be successfully treated following road traffic accidents
Atherstone Physiotherapy Clinic
Why do you have to wait so long for an NHS physiotherapy appointment?  When you do eventually see an NHS physiotherapist why is it that all you get is a list of exercises to do?  These are questions I am asked daily by frustrated patients who turn to my clinic for help. 

The most amazing thing I find is that in the majority of cases the patient, who might have received many months of treatment from the GP and physiotherapist, has never been given a diagnosis?  They are receiving treatment for an undiagnosed condition and no wonder the treatment is often unsuccessful.

Physiotherapy if you live in Nuneaton
is available from our Atherstone Physiotherapist with no waiting times if you are self funding.  Private "hands on" physiotherapy designed to remove pain get you back to full fitness as quickly as possible is what we aim for at Atlas.

No waiting times for physiotherapy at Atlas Physiotherapy.  Now you can access private physiotherapy near Nuneaton and surrounding villages and get an appointment within 24 hours.  Often urgent self funding patients can be seen the same day without a referral from their GP. 

Local physiotherapist John Williams offers an alternative to Nuneaton Chiropractors for back pain treatments
John is experienced at treating back pain, stiff neck, trapped nerve symptoms like sciatica and sacroiliac joint pain and has a very different approach to treating back pain than the majority of physiotherapists. Exercise based therapy that is used in the NHS does little to offer pain relief and this is where we can offer an alternative pain relief treatment regime.

John is not only a state registered physiotherapist (HPC) but is also a registered osteopath (GOsC) which gives the benefit of a combined approach to back pain and rehabilitation.

Atlas physiotherapy clinic is located just outside Nuneaton in Atherstone  The clinic offers free parking and is easy to travel to from Hinkley, Nuneaton, Atherstone and surrounding villages.
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