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Shoulder Pain
Shoulder pain
Winged scapular
Nuneaton shoulder pain sufferers should pay a visit to Atlas Pain Relief Centre if they are looking for a solution to their shoulder pain.

Based in a purpose built new clinic in Atherstone and close to Nuneaton the Atlas clinic is experienced at diagnosing the causes of shoulder pain and can help with rotator cuff impingement and frozen shoulder.

MRI Scans can be arranged quickly and we have access to a top class shoulder surgeon if required for arthroscopic surgery.

No more sleepless nights and nagging shoulder pain, visit Atlas and get your shoulder pain attended to. An alternative to Nuneaton Chiropractic treatment, Atlas have a variety of options available.
Shoulder girdle pain or dysfunction such as a winging of the scapulae can be treated in Atherstone by the Atlas Physiotherapy team.  Exercise prescription, soft tissue manipulation and education of posture can all help correct muscle imbalance in the shoulder girdle.

Strengthening and stabilising the rotator cuff mechanism will help restore stability and function in the shoulder and shoulder girdle.
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