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We have an excellent Sports Injury Clinic in Atherstone frequented by local runners from Tamworth and Nuneaton Harriers. Atlas have regular visits from elite athletes and celebrity sports professionals who receive sports injury treatments and sports massage.  Atlas support the Lichfield Running Club and provide sports massage at the Lichfield 10k race

Stretching is an important part of any athletes training routine and will help avoid injury.  Hamstring stretches are often overlooked by footballers and result in pulled hamstring muscles.  Tight calf muscles are often responsible for calf strains and achilles tendonitis.

Marathon runners and half marathon runners should use sports massage to help them recover from hard training runs and long distance runs. Lactic acid builds up in muscles and can be painful and fatigue the muscle, sports massage can assist with the recovery and remove build up of waste products in the muscles.

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Sports Massage
Atherstone Sports Massage plays an important part in preparation and training for runners and athletes. Nuneaton Harriers runners use the Atlas Sports Injury Clinic for sports injury treatment and sports massage.  Located near Nuneaton the Atherstone Sports Injury Clinic is used by elite UK athletics athletes Meghan Beesley and Nathan Woodward as part of their preparation for competitions.
Sports massage on calf
Nathan Woodward receiving sports massage
Hamstring stretches for Meghan
Meghan Beesley and Nathan Woodward showing off their medals to Atherstone Sports Physiotherapist John Williams