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Trapped Nerves
Trapped nerve symptoms such as sciatica, pins and needles or numbness is often nerve root irritation.  This can be caused by degeneration in the spine, bulging discs, disc prolapse or perhaps a trauma or inflammation to the nerve itself.

Nuneaton Chiropractors, Nuneaton Physiotherapists and Osteopaths all offer treatment for trapped nerves however Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Atherstone offers a multi-disciplinary approach which allows you to choose what type of treatment suits you.

Atlas have on offer, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, manipulation and massage as an alternative to Nuneaton Chiropractic treatment for trapped nerves.

Leg pain and buttock pain with a shooting pain into the leg when standing or bending forward is likely to be sciatica and will need treatment to resolve it
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