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Whiplash Symptoms
Whiplash sufferers who live close to Nuneaton and Atherstone can now have treatment at Atlas Pain Relief Centre.
As alternatives to Nuneaton Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths Atlas have a multi-disciplinary approach to pain relief.

Atlas have experience in dealing with whiplash symptoms which result from road traffic accidents.  Many such accidents involve rear end shunts which force the neck backwards and forwards stretching spinal ligaments and causing inflammation and pain.

Atlas can help relieve the pain and restore restricted movement allowing you to resume normal daily living without pain killing medication.
Whiplash symptoms include neck pain, back pain, stiffness in the back and neck, restricted painful movement in the neck, headaches, dizzyness, shoulder pain where the seat belt restricted your movement, chest pain and sometimes sciatica.

Often patients feel the pain experienced is nothing to do with the accident, which may have happened days or weeks before however many whiplash symptoms are not felt until days later.

It is advisable to have your symptoms checked out by a suitable practitioner who practices in the musculo-skeletal field.
Atlas have many practitioners who are experienced in this line of work.

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